So I am crying.

I pretty much hit something that is like the lottery.

It does not mean I am rich, but I made enough to pay my rent for this month and all our bills.


We still make just enough to pay rent, bills, and car payment. But we are now caught up.

And it was perfectly legal I might add.

We are going to be ok finally. I don’t blog about negativity but our family was in a massive scare the past month and a half that might have meant splitting up and staying with separate family, a motel, losing our crappy neon, or selling all of our possessions.

But everything is back too the normal non stressful struggle.

January is a 3 paycheck month and tax returns can help pay off the car, saving us 300 a month.

Everything is going to work out.

Ps. Liam walked to his potty with no diaper on and sat down for 2 poops and a pee today.

Quick story

So quick story, we couldn’t wait to give Liam his birthday present. So we let him have it tonight….

INSIDE the box… was for sure not what is ON the box.

At first we were like.. WHAT?!?!?

And then I was like, So what who cares.

Liam decided to take a ride on the used toys that were in there.

Then I drove back to the place that SPELLED HIS NAME WRONG on his cake, and exchanged the gift they messed up.

Glad no one at the party tomorrow will see my huge failures.

You guys deserved to see this.

Ps How cute are Liam and I discussing the switch a roo we received?


You know I couldn’t stand out here and get a really good picture, but there is a car dealership near my house that lines the entire car lot with about 37 flags in terrible condition.

What I don’t understand is why you would fly so many flags to show your patriotism but all of them have torn sides and ripped fraying edges.

If you’re going to try and show that your business cares so much at least have the decency to use nice flags that represent the beauty of the country.

Shirt idea

Remember my kid shirt idea…. Still happening, website still being worked on, shirts still being made.

So this other person making them, give them support.

For now.

Punkdad clothing Soon.
More diy.
More gutter.
More hardcore.
More brobee and muno than the competition.

And all proceeds go to misfit dad participation at the dad2.0 summit.

A milestone?

I don’t know if this is a milestone or anything but I thought it was pretty great. Liam today pretended to be something for the first time, he was walking around or rather crawling around on his hands and knees with his tongue hanging out saying wooof wooof.

Now the only dogs I think he sees regularly is my moms Chihuahua which doesn’t have its tongue hanging out very often and Catrina’s grandma’s dog which is a Jack Russell Terrier and also doesn’t do that.

But somehow he got the idea that’s what dogs do and then licked my face.


I’m only asking this once…. If you want to know what I think about you, send me a message with your own name/url.

I will publish it tomorrow all together, and you can NOT be anonymous, you have to be openly needy about wanting to know how I feel about you. In return I will be honest, I apologize now.

It has to be a message/ask, and I anonymously sent messages so that right there tells you I would be too shy to say my own name…. I am helping you come out of your shell.


As usual on my day off I need something to type and just chill out writing about, so I ask my followers.

Friends/Followers hazel-jane and neivelouise both asked about holiday traditions.

I can’t say much for my significant others family and things because she is out shopping. As for my family, when I was growing up my mom worked a lot in accounting for places, mostly very large trucking businesses so she was able to have a few days off for the holidays. Our family would normally go to my grandparents house on Christmas eve and eat dinner followed by opening gifts. The adults would exchange names for people to buy for and then just buy gifts for all the children. I remember my mom would always let me and my sisters open 1 gift from her that night also. We never had a lot of money, but you could never tell on Christmas, my mom worked miracles some how now that I look back with adult eyes. We would have one “big gift”, and somehow it was almost always what we asked for, a video game system or some crazy stereo or Walkman. I did ask for the Beach Boys album once when I was about 12, that same year I got “Dookie” by Green Day and “Let’s Go” by Rancid.

Mind blowing I know.

As for now my family doesn’t really get together much, everyone has excuses but as the children had gotten older and my grandmother died things got bad. My grandfather is still around, he lives with my mom in her apartment so she can see after him (92 yrs old) and I have talked about how he is the biggest father factor I have ever had. But everyone has had big money problems for the most part because Michigan is no longer the auto industry leader that it once was supplying careers and services to those in the industry and around it. Then there have been alcohol and drug problems too, a lot is missing from what was.

Liam, I, and Catrina don’t have much tradition either. I work in retail, and even though it was mostly insecurity and loss prevention never on actual registers or helping customers. I am always in charge of safety of customers and associates, not to mention how many things are stolen that time of year also that I try and prevent. Which means I have worked every Thanksgiving and every Christmas eve since before Liam was even born.

I disagree with stores opening on holidays, especially ones that are based around the thought of being thankful. This year I go to work at 7pm on Thanksgiving day and won’t return until after midnight, the day after I will be gone the entire day and most of the night too. Christmas will be a bit different since the mall will most likely be closed, so with Liam getting older I can start some new traditions I hope.Christmas eve we will travel with Liam to see family members, and on Christmas morning we will do the whole tree and waking up early thing.

In my head I always see myself watching old Christmas movies in black and white on Christmas eve putting gifts under the tree. Then the next morning waking up and drinking coffee while Bing Crosby and Dean Martin sing Christmas tunes while the kid opens gifts and has Rudolph playing on the television.

Almost fell asleep

Almost fell asleep, the car we borrowed is a piece if shit and the friend it was borrowed from (same car we were going to buy) seems to need it today, so now i’m rising to get ready to go look at used cars as a last ditch effort before I buy something that will work for a week off craigslist. We need prayers lol.

Punk rock lullaby’s

So I downloaded lullaby CD’s that are renditions of songs by Weezer, No doubt, Flaming Lips, Nirvana, and The Ramones! It is pretty awesome but it is pretty much just played with a xylophone, still if my baby can listen to some renditions of some cool tunes I like it! Speaking of baby Liam, his umbilical stump fell off tonight, pretty scary looking. It now looks like e has an open wound kind of but not bloody just slimy, I worry about this kid too much. I do the whole waking up to check his breathing and touching him to make sure he moves. But poor Catrina, the girl sleeps 45 min, then 3 hrs, then an hour. It has driven her to want to keep the umbilical stump in like a pill box, I think she is crazy but this is her little boy she sleeps with on her chest every night. Nothing can be strange when you are so in love with him. I decided to take his pictures for the birth announcements myself, I don’t see why i should pay so much for them to put him in positions I can do at home on the bed that are on his own terms when he wants to be happy…… whelp back to kissing wrinkled tiny feet.