Co-sleeping and co-not sleeping

So Liam is 1 day away from being 2 weeks old, wow so fast. Since his first day home we have been co-sleeping and having a family bed. I love how close I get to be with him at night, especially since I am at work all day. But it scares the hell out of me with all these blankets and pillows, he loves being close to mommy and his meals, it is just frightening for daddy. So today I bought him a little sleeper bed that goes between us that has sides that are rigid so no pillows or blankets, Now to see if the mommy can let her sweet baby sleep an extra 8 inches away.

My little man loves when I talk to him and play with his hands, and he goes to sleep when I come home from work like a good baby. I stay awake and watch my shows and eat dinner, and then just as I go to sleep, he knows….. it’s time to wake the daddy up. I can’t complain after all these people saying we wont get any sleep, I actually just get woken up every few hrs. Mommy gets a couple hrs, then a few more, then a couple more, just never all at once poor lady. Today was mommy’s birthday too! Liam and I got her a card, and tomorrow I’m going to try and make this place a bit more clean and comfy so she feels better.

Being a dad, working full time, and being prominent in my sons life is pretty tough. I am determined to make this perfect life for my little buddy. He is already being exposed to single parents, gay friends, small and large families, and being kind to animals. He will be a good boy.

Future best friend.

I was thinking about when Liam gets older and how I want him to be my best friend. I want him to be able to tell me anything, come to me for anything, and just want to hang out with his pops. I want to take him to see hockey games and baseball games and coach his football team. OR, take him to ballet or gymnastics or art classes or volunteer things, I just want to spend time with him and him to be comfortable and happy. Also, I can’t wait until he can hold his head up on his own, haha I want to be able to run in and just pick him up under his arms and give him kisses.

I’m in love with the little guy.