Well there is some baby spam for you. Today was a great day for him, most of the day I was at work but had to cut out 2 hours early to make sure I didn’t get overtime. I came home to an awake smiling baby. He watches tv now and loves the colours, I mean I don’t want to use it as a babysitter but I will punch you in the face (believe me I am tough) if you try and tell me that if I set him in a bouncer 10 feet from the tv, so I can wash some dishes or make a smoothie it makes me a bad parent. He has smiled and tried to laugh more today than i have ever seen the past 8 weeks. I still want to carry his tiny socks around with me everywhere I go, they are still that cute to me. And on the statement of 8 weeks, I talked about wanting to say months instead and now mommy confuses me. She counts weeks, and I say he is almost 2 months old, and she says he is 8 weeks, we are both right and I still feel pretty retarded. 

love love love.

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  1. littlepeople-biglove said: I love his badass onesie!
  2. meghonthemomstrosity said: I meant I miss him lol
  3. laure-ssence said: I was confused by the week month thing too! Like when Sophia was 12 weeks, she wasn’t quite 3 months yet :/ almost made my brain explode!
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