As a milestone of reaching 12,000 followers. I am doing a giveaway. I don’t care how or what you do to enter, I will pluck a random persons name from any note, inbox, ask, reply, reblog, like, anon hate, anon love, tagged post, or video mention… anything that I receive from it by October 16th.

It will be a random care package of ten things I have laying around the house, or can go barter or pick.

Guaranteed to be in it… a package of ramen noodles, a photo of my child signed by him, something from Detroit, and many other random things YOU WILL BE creeped out by.

It doesn’t matter where you live you just have to post the contents in a photo post when you receive it.

Let’s get weird.

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  1. cattailsanddandelions said: Lol
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  3. muchadoaboutannie said: Creepy giveaway?? BRING. IT. ON.
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    Oooo. Excitement.
  5. gelfling-life said: ohhh this sounds like fun!
  6. electradaddy said: I want to enter if the “something from Detroit” item will be you & your lovely family! That would be a wonderful surprise!!
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    I NEED THIS TOO! haha
  8. complicatedsimpleromanticlove said: Sounds really awesome!
  9. thisismethisiswhoiamlovemehateme said: N I love you for this!!! You just made me smile on a morning I needed it most.
  10. drinkincolt45swithlando said: TWELVE THOUSAND jeezy peeps that’s crazy loads.
  11. tat2geek said: Creepy things are awesome!
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