Too far? 
Or extended baby carrying?

Too far?
Or extended baby carrying?

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  1. electradaddy said: Loved this!
  2. ohshitwerebadparents reblogged this from punkdad and added:
    Lots of folks use the carrier for special needs and kids with injuries. But, that aside, this is kinda amazing.
  3. thereisnorabbit said: No time to hit the gym? Carry your school age children around!
  4. egf said: Hmm I have one of the soft carrier that go to the highest weight it and that’s 40 lbs. I think this kid exceeds that. And that’s not the same carrier.
  5. piggyvonninja said: Weight for squats?
  6. jenny0406 said: Unless he/she has some medical issues, I’m thinking way too extended.
  7. lilbit1307 reblogged this from punkdad
  8. whitebrowndad said: Kidnap proof
  9. whodatbaby said: Hahaha. My son hasn’t let me wear him since he was 12 months.
  10. crazylittlethingcalledlove said: I’m surprised that kid is okay with being carries like that because I’d be embarrassed.
  11. shestolemyheart13 said: I wanna see how the kid got in lol
  12. thesahmmy said: maybe shes working on her quads.
  13. aforava said: Wow
  14. beautepartout said: A free workout.
  15. photolodico said: Getting a workout?
  16. thecrazypregnantlady said: Yes.
  17. satsuukis said: Too far.
  18. wineredhush said: looks like she’s 6 to me.
  19. sphenoid-wings reblogged this from punkdad and added:
    My back hurts looking at this
  20. meguala said: maybe the kid is special needs u never know
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