About Dec 7th 2009, I was working in a pretty shitty tattoo shop in the suburbs of Detroit as a shop manager/main piercing artist. Everyday consisted of the following, go to work, poke some holes, blow some coke, drink a fifth. Being in the position I was in with money and a nice new saab convertible I didn’t have to be good looking at all to get some ladies, what I am getting at is, I was a scumbag. A gorgeous girl with red curly hair came in that day with her friend to get a tattoo on her ribs. It was “Live with love” in french, which I was a big fan of. When she was in the room getting it done, I would yell over “You can do it!”, and encouraging words. And then like any guy that sees an attractive girl would do, I stalked her. I took her name off of her contract and found her on myspace and added her. A few days later I decided to have some people over and invited her. She came, and BAM we hit it off wonderfully, a guy in his late 20’s and a girl in her early 20’s, with nothing but some indie music in common. Within a week we were dating and within that same month I was OD’ing. One night I had her and a couple friends meet me at my apartment after work, well the people I work with had some cocaine that we all decided to indulge in a ton of, and then a ton too drink. One way or another I got home, some more stuff, and was convulsing on the ground foaming out the mouth. The girl I had just started dating was a bit petrified, and somehow decided not to split on me.  It was never that bad again, but I had made many more bad decisions, and risked my life more times than I should. It took a long time, but I became illicit drug free, for this art school pointe dancing queen to stay around with a punk rock drug addict drunk and somehow help him pull away from it. It had to be Love. Nov 6th 2010, this girl learned she would be growing a bump. We were nervous but VERY excited, 9 months later as Liam emerged and was placed on her chest, I pulled out a ring with tears streaming down my face, told her how beautiful our son was and confessed I would be nothing without her. She accepted my proposal and here we are, a punk dad, ballerina momma, and a baby boy to inspire us to be our best.  

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